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Why You Should Absolutely Invest in a Texas Ranch for 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Remote Living on a Texas Ranch

In these strange days, people are seeking peace of mind, and many are retreating to a remote location to find it, making a Texas ranch the perfect escape for 2020.

I remember sitting in my sociology class at the University of Texas; my professor said to us, “When you want to relax and vacation, you go to remote locations with no cell phones, computers, or any other distractions.” That’s why a Texas ranch is the perfect place.

We live in a world today when the average person picks up their cell phone the first thing in the morning, whether to answer an email, check text messages, or scroll through social media. Living on a ranch has a natural appeal that people are gravitating towards, especially during COVID-19, making a Texas ranch home an ideal investment.

Why a Texas Ranch?

Why a Texas ranch, you ask? Well, we are all connected to nature in some way. Living on a Texas ranch, Texas farm, Texas hunting land, or other large acreages for sale in Texas, brings you closer to the endless beauty offered by these natural surroundings. Whether it’s the fresh air, peaceful views of rolling hills, farm to table foods, or simplicity of a more traditional way of living on the lands of Texas, a Texas ranch provides a sense of peace and tranquility that we all value. Today, we live in a world flooded with “organic” this or “gluten-free” that…what are we searching for? A purer life. Texas ranches for sale, with free open spaces and natural habitation, provide just that.

City Boy

Growing up near the city, the closest I ever got to a ranch was the 20 minutes I would spend on the couch sitting next to my grandmother as she watched the CBS TV series, Dallas.

Southfork Ranch

Airing from 1978-1991, the television show Dallas is a pretty iconic representation of Texas with millions of viewers in more than 95 countries. Dallas was filmed on location at a real ranch in the Dallas, Texas area, called Southfork Ranch. Southfork Ranch is located near Plano, Texas, and right outside of Dallas, Texas, in Parker, Texas.

City Life vs. Rural Living

Living in the city, being in close proximity to one another, was normal. Now, with the novel coronavirus prevalent across the globe, six feet apart is standard, but still feels strange.

For a time, I lived in Istanbul, Turkey. With a population of 15.52 million, there is very little personal space. This also felt strange. One of my first days living there, I was in line at a grocery store, and a gentleman was so close to me that I could hear him breathing. I turned around quick, visibly a little frustrated, and he backed up. However, when I surveyed the rest of the lines in the store, I could see that everyone was standing just as close. This is the result of living in a big city, which in our current global crisis, has people rethinking these once highly-sought metropolitan areas.

In the time of COVID-19, ranches for sale in Texas have seen a surge in buyers, as people are seeking a tranquil country getaway within driving distance that has plenty of open space; a Texas ranch for sale is checking off those boxes.

Lands of Texas

We have all heard the phrase things are “bigger in Texas,” which comes from the amount of Texas land for sale spread throughout this great state, whether it’s houses for sale in Texas, Texas apartments, Texas ranches, or commercial property for sale in Texas. Although major cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin are still seeing an influx of new residents, it’s been spearheaded by the vast lands of Texas available for great prices.

Dallas-Fort Worth lead all U.S. metropolitan areas with a net gainer of 246 people arriving daily to the land of Texas, according to a Bloomberg analysis in 2017. 563,945 people moved to Texas in 2019 alone. This shows the growth of people coming to live in the Lone Star State, due largely to the abundance of cheap land for sale in Texas. This has only increased the value of the land for sale in Texas. However, interest rates are currently at a record 3% or lower, so now is definitely the time to buy a house for sale in Texas!

Owning a ranch is becoming an increasingly popular investment in Texas, as developers look to build. Owning land is the key to Texas's growth as a whole, and whether you decide to live on your Texas ranch full-time or part-time, lease it as a vacation home, or utilize it for your business, you really can’t go wrong right now.

Ranch Life in Midlothian, Texas

I am assisting in the sale of a Midlothian, Texas ranch. It is owned by a lovely family. As their real estate agent, I sat down with them and asked, “Why a ranch?” As the owners of a ranch for sale in Texas, their answer was simple, “Space.” I found it interesting because with our current climate of “social distancing,” the need for space is even more important. The family went on to discuss how being able to have time for interaction as a family is so much easier on a Texas ranch. As I sat back and absorbed the wealth of knowledge about this style of living, I couldn’t help but think about how true it is.

Looking for ranches for sale in Texas? Reach out to me, Chris Owens, at or call (214) 623-7621.

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