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Modern Home Design and “Why We Love It!”

A lot of my buyers love the “modern style,” but why? I have always loved modern architecture. I am drawn to it. Modern properties incorporate beautiful architecture, uniquely sculpted structures with meditative landscapes, large picture frame windows, and the latest technology. These modern structures merge raw materials like stone, wood, and steel into something fresh and cutting-edge that captivates our imagination and defies the impossible, whether it's in a modern home, modern townhouse, modern apartment, modern condo, or modern building.

My mother has been an interior designer for over 30 years; she is always studying what is new and upcoming while examining the rich history of architecture. We discussed many times how architecture and culture go hand in hand.

What’s the Difference Between Modern Homes and Traditional Homes?

Modern design has to be defined in explaining to clients the differences between them because it is imperative to deliver to clients precisely what they desire. Contemporary or modern design refers to a specific period of design. You may have heard the term mid-century modern. That is a particular style from the mid-1930s to the 1960s approximately. Mid-century modern uses clean lines, and usually, homes will have lower ceiling heights. Now let’s look deeper at modern and contemporary design.

What is the definition of modern? The definition of modern is: “Of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote: modern city life. Characteristic of present and recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete: modern viewpoints. Of or relating to the historical period following the Middle Ages: modern European history.”

What I take from the definition is up to date, and that ties directly into culture. For example, many of my younger clients love the open concept found in most modern house plans. They tend to want the family room, dining room, and kitchen to be rolled into one large room. Today we call this an open concept.

My older clients want a formal dining room, as they want a separate room designated specifically for dining. My older clients do this because the traditional dining room represents family time and family conversations.

Younger clients like, at the very least, an open concept kitchen for a modern house; some prefer an open concept throughout the entire home for a modern style. Our lifestyles have shifted. We would never come to the dinner table with a cell phone growing up in the 90s. When we sat at the table, we talked about our day, dreams, and what was going on in life. Nowadays, we multi-task everything, and good or bad, modern technology has allowed us to do this. Open concept homes will enable us to do multiple things simultaneously while remaining close to family and friends. Open concept spaces can also be more pleasing to the eye, display artwork, and modern home decor more effectively, and create a serene space in a modern house interior that is light and airy. Modern floor plans can be calming and meditative for homeowners that are always on the go.

Modern Technology and Smart Homes

Our phones are designed as mini computers, and today we are constantly absorbing information while moving faster and faster. We are prompted to use technology in our home more too, and modern houses are pushing smart home technology the most. Security cameras, doorbells, lights, TVs, and even smoke alarms are now considered to have smart technology in them. I had dinner at a good friend’s modern townhouse recently, and he mentioned while we were inside having drinks that he needed to check his grill outside. Instead of going outside right away, he simply pulled out his cell phone and checked his grill temperature from an app on his iPhone. I was completely shocked.

I grew up a little old school. I still remember the days of getting up to turn the knob on the television. I remember actually walking to the thermostat to turn the A/C on. Today is so much different; everything is done by the push of a button. Technology has definitely entered the home, and the modern home is spearheading this movement. We call this home a smart home.

Technology has saved us time, and more time is what we are always chasing. In many modern homes, you will find technology that will save us time. Dishwashers and microwaves are just a couple of basic modern electronics that help us in most homes today. Still, now we have household appliances run by intricate computers, like robotic vacuum cleaners and so much more. A smart home is a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices controlled remotely by phone or computer. Today most modern homes use some source of technology.

Modern Home Costs

A major factor in looking at modern homes is cost. There are a lot of associated costs, and that is due to materials and precise building details. Many people do not understand the amount of money that modern homes require. This is because a lot of the cost cannot even be seen, such as spray foam that is behind the walls. Nearly all modern homes are all custom homes, which means everything is custom made for that particular home. Window sizes and building materials such as steel and glass contribute to why modern homes can come with a hefty price tag. Another component that people tend to overlook is planning. Custom modern homes can involve engineers, architects, and all kinds of specialists that add to the potentially high cost of designing and building a modern home.

Possibilities of a Modern Home

While modern houses tend to use more modern technology, modern homes can also bring us closer to nature. Modern homes can be some of the most impressive pieces of art, and if designed properly, can become a part of the landscape. Modern houses will use large windows to maximize natural light; some custom windows found in a large modern home or modern mansion are over 10 feet tall! Large windows are not the only way to bring nature inside your home; modern homes use many different natural materials like wood and stone, common in building modern homes. These raw materials can often make the home seamlessly blend with its surroundings instead of fighting against them, including the modern house exterior and modern house interior. Modern homes allow clients to have all kinds of possibilities with their modern style. Imagination is the key to getting the client closer to what they desire in today’s modern home.

Looking for modern homes for sale in Texas? Reach out to me, Chris Owens, at or call (214) 623-7621.

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